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The UK’s leading deceased account management business.

Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. built its reputation in the credit industry by providing specialised compassionate engagement services to clients, enabling them to realise additional recoveries and deliver tangible "Treating Customers Fairly" process enhancements. We are an award-winning industry leader providing expert niche services recognised for our unique and compassionate style of customer interaction. Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. currently works with over 70 of the UK's largest creditors across a wide range of industry sectors, including banking and finance, home shopping, utility, telecoms, debt purchase, local government & central government.

Our in-depth induction program and training relationship with Samaritans ensures that our Associates are uniquely equipped to sensitively and compassionately engage with customers whose individual circumstances may make them potentially vulnerable. Together with our innovative systems and unique data sources, our empathetic approach enables us to truly understand a customer’s individual circumstance and provide an appropriate solution. 

Founding Member of The Samaritans Academy. Encouraging best practice in emotional engagement.

Continued Path is an online resource for those dealing with the loss of a family member or friend.


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