Deceased Account Management

Phillips & Cohen Associates pioneered the Deceased Account Management market and recognise the critical impact this specialised service can have on our clients’ reputations. We are proud to be the global leader in deceased account management combining proprietary systems and analytical capabilities alongside highly trained and experienced Estate management professionals.

Since entering the UK market in 2006, Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd.have served the consumer banking and credit industry in addition to specialised industries including healthcare, utility, education, and telecom. Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. clients include leading national and international banking and credit institutions, debt buyers, and master servicers.

Responsible Approach

Partnering with Phillips & Cohen Associates for deceased account management enhances your company’s sensitivity to these events and improves the customer experience through a proven decedent/probate program.

Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. utilise special recruitment, hiring, and training techniques to create a compassionate collections environment for deceased/probate accounts. The company’s ongoing training process includes specific topics regarding the stages of grief, colleague sensitivity, specialised disclosures, voice inflection, and deceased account regulations designed to create a compassionate environment for consumers and colleagues alike.

Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. personnel have the requisite skills to successfully manage complex Estate situations and resolve them in a manner that achieves our clients’ important financial goals while preserving the dignity of affected individuals. Our professional colleagues are highly trained to address questions raised by representing parties, providing them with guidance and resources during a stressful time, as well as helping them successfully resolve Estate balances owed to third parties. We maintain established rigorous standards for business practices as well as compliant, caring behaviour. Our partnerships with a number of leading counselling organisations enables us to provide additional assistance to representing parties by connecting them with the professional support services they may require at such a difficult time.

Additional Support

Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd.  offer consumers with informational resources like to educate them about coping with grief and to help consumers understand wills, Estates, and the probate process. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is a difficult and sensitive time and can inhibit communications. Phillips & Cohen Associates’ Estate-Serve℠ System provides consumers with the ability to manage all aspects of their accounts online including providing estate information, paying an account in full, or creating payment arrangements. Consumers may still choose to speak to a live representative at any time, or may complete their transactions and Estate management online.

Sensitivity Screening

Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. provide advanced tools and technologies to improve the customer experience throughout the process. Special sensitivity scrubs are used to enable the identification of sensitive accounts allowing them to be handled with special care. These circumstances may include individuals who pass away during active service in the military or emergency services, the death of a child or young person, or other circumstances as deemed appropriate. In these instances, we flag the account and partner with our client to develop a specialised treatment or closure strategy.

Data-Driven Decisions

Phillips & Cohen Associates have managed over $30 billion in specialty portfolios since 1997, including multiple forward flow transactions for deceased credit card and consumer finance accounts. This experience has enabled Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. to develop proprietary scoring and segmentation models specifically designed to assist with the recovery of these specialty accounts. These data-driven systems increase financial returns while employing a compassionate approach to account recovery.

Industry Recognition

The unique and innovative service offered by Phillips & Cohen Associates (UK), Ltd. has been widely recognised by the credit industry for the tangible “Treating Customers Fairly” benefits delivered. In September 2010, we were awarded the “Best PR & Marketing Campaign 2010” award at the CSA & DBSG annual conference for our work in founding the Samaritans Academy.  In October 2010, we were recognised with the independently judged “Best Newcomer” and “Contribution to the Credit Industry” awards at the inaugural CCR Credit Excellence Awards in London. The business demonstrated its commitment to improving industry standards by becoming one the first companies to achieve the CSA Collector Accreditation in 2011 and also recently won the Credit Today – Utilities & Telecoms 2015 “Treating Customers Fairly Award”. We have also continued to achieve our Investors in People Champions and Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Awards.

Continued Path - Continuing Life After Loss