Portfolio Acquisitions

Asset sale remains an important element of the recovery process for many financial institutions in the UK.  Our positive impact since entering the UK market has caused a number of major creditors to recognise the Treating Customers Fairly and reputational benefits of segmenting their deceased portfolio during the asset sale process.

Our purchasing entity is Invenio Financial and it is uniquely placed and well-funded to purchase deceased accounts.  We have successfully completed multiple deceased account purchases with some of the UK’s largest financial institutions. Our specialist knowledge and Estate expertise allows us to provide additional re-assurance to Boards of Directors and shareholders alike, that their most sensitive accounts will receive the appropriate treatment while protecting their brand at all costs.

Debt Sale Benefits

It brings a number of immediate and tangible benefits including:

  • Immediate cash generation
  • Higher overall returns compared with traditional recovery methods
  • Greater predictability in forecasting cash and bad debt reserves
  • Increased productivity of existing resources
  • Redeploy Resources to Core Business
  • Portfolio Exit Strategy

Our Funding Partner – Invenio Financial

portfolio acquisitions